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Our Ceramic Insert Technology

Updated: Jan 19

Revolutionizing the X-Ray Tube: UNIC X-Ray Tube MV

UNIC Ceramic Insert for X-Ray Tube
UNIC Ceramic Insert

The Power Within:

The UNIC X-Ray Tube MV line are powered by a ceramic inserts meticulously crafted with high precision with the latest advancements in technology, utilizing a design developed by our R&D department to ensure the UNIC X-Ray Tube to operate peak performance in CT machines. The intricately engineered ceramic insert significantly enhances the functioning of the cathode and anode, leading to improved overall results in diagnostic imaging.

Precision Engineering

Our UNIC X-ray tube's ceramic inserts undergo a rigorous process of precision engineering with uniquely designed machinery process. The ceramic material chosen for these inserts ensures not only exceptional durability but also heat resistance, allowing for prolonged and consistent performance even in the most challenging clinical environments.

Vaccum and Heating process for the Ceramic Insert manufacturing
Ceramic Insert manufacturing

The Strengths of Ceramic Insert

  • High Temperature Endurance

Ceramic inserts excel in high-temperature environments, ensuring reliable performance during prolonged and demanding diagnostic procedures without getting affected.

  • Extra Solid and Unbreakable

The inherent robustness of ceramic materials renders these inserts virtually unbreakable, ensuring durability that withstands the demanding conditions of daily medical imaging use, in opposition to glass inserts are prone to easy breakage, particularly under the high demands of CT machine operations.

  • Longer lifespan

Ceramic inserts possess inherent material durability that prevents deterioration, providing an impressive capability to support a large number of scan seconds. In contrast, regular glass inserts tend to degrade over time, resulting in blurred and yellowed glass, significantly reducing efficiency to the point of being unusable.

  • Easily Produced in CNC

The efficiency and precision of ceramic insert manufacturing are elevated by the ease of production through CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, allowing for high-volume production and swift delivery. On the other hand, the production of glass inserts presents challenges, requiring the use of special, expensive glass and involving a slow and costly crafting procedure.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Cost-efficient production processes make ceramic inserts an economical choice, allowing for high-quality components without breaking the budget which bring down the over cost of the UNIC X-Ray Tube MV that directly reflect to a lower final price.

Incorporating these strengths, the ceramic insert emerges as a robust and reliable choice for the X-Ray Tubes, offering not only durability and longevity but also the capability to handle the demands of extensive scanning requirements at lower costs.

Comparison between Ceramic Insert and Glass Insert

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