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What is an X-Ray Tube in Medical Imaging CT Scanners

Updated: Apr 6

Everything You Need To Know About CT X-Ray Tubes

Siemens X-Ray Tube in front of Siemens CT Scanners Somatom

In the dynamic field of medical imaging, the X-ray tube stands as the beating heart of a CT scanner, playing a pivotal role in generating detailed diagnostic images.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the technical intricacies of X-ray tubes, shedding light on their functionality, potential failure points, and introducing the groundbreaking UNIC X-Ray Tube MV.

An X-Ray Tube being installing in the CT Scanner for testing

Schema of the functionality of the X-ray Tube in the CT Scanner

#1: X-ray Tube and its Purpose in the CT Scanner:

The X-ray tube is a core component of CT scanners, responsible for producing the X-rays essential for creating detailed cross-sectional images of the human body. By emitting X-ray beams through the body, the tube enables the generation of images that are critical for accurate medical diagnosis and treatment planning.

#2: How the X-Ray Tube Works - Technical Insights:

Cathode: At the core of the X-ray tube is the cathode, emitting a focused electron beam when heated.

Filament: The filament, part of the cathode, is heated to emit electrons, initiating the X-ray generation process.

Anode and Target: The rotating anode receives the electron beam, generating X-rays through collisions with a target. The choice of target material influences the X-ray spectrum.

Schema of the insert of an X-Ray Tube

#3: Main Causes of Tube Failure and UNIC's Solution:

  • Glass-Related Failures: Traditional X-ray tubes with glass components are susceptible to cracking or breakage, leading to failures. The UNIC X-Ray Tube MV eliminates this risk with its durable ceramic insert.

  • Oil Leaking: Conventional tubes may suffer from oil leakage, impacting performance.

  • Other Causes of Failure: Mechanical stress, overheating, and electrical malfunctions are additional potential causes of tube failure.

Ceramic insert VS Glass insert of CT X-ray tube

#4: UNIC X-Ray Tube MV a Siemens Dura Series Replacement:

UNIC X-Ray Tube MV replacement for Siemens Dura

As a leading provider of medical imaging equipment, UNIC Medical Equipment proudly introduces the UNIC X-Ray Tube MV as the ideal replacement for Siemens Dura Series. With its ceramic insert technology, superior durability, and enhanced performance, the UNIC X-Ray Tube MV offers a seamless transition, ensuring continued excellence in medical imaging. It's ceramic insert offers great optimisation, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Insulation and Electrical Isolation:

The ceramic material used in the insert is an excellent insulator. This property is essential for preventing electrical conductivity between different components within the X-ray tube. By providing a barrier between the cathode and other parts, the ceramic insert ensures proper electrical isolation, preventing unintended current paths and potential malfunctions.

  • Thermal Insulation and Stress Mitigation:

During the operation of the X-ray tube, significant heat is generated, especially in areas where the electron beam interacts with the anode. The ceramic insert is designed to act as a thermal insulator, helping to manage and distribute heat effectively. This thermal management capability is crucial for preventing overheating and stress-related issues that could compromise the integrity of the X-ray tube.

  • Protection Against Mechanical Stress:

The X-ray tube undergoes mechanical stresses, particularly in areas prone to vibrations or physical impacts. The ceramic insert acts as a protective barrier, shielding internal components from mechanical stressors. This is especially important for preventing fractures, cracks, or other damage that could occur in glass components, ensuring the overall structural integrity of the X-ray tube.

  • Enhanced Stability and Longevity:

By incorporating the ceramic insert, the UNIC X-Ray Tube MV achieves a higher level of stability and longevity. The ceramic material's robustness contributes to the overall durability of the X-ray tube, reducing the risk of failure and extending the operational lifespan of the equipment.


The UNIC X-Ray Tube MV emerges as a technological marvel, addressing common challenges associated with traditional X-ray tubes. By combining innovation with reliability, UNIC Medical Equipment reaffirms its commitment to advancing medical imaging technology and providing healthcare professionals with state-of-the-art solutions.

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