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UNIC Coldhead


UNIC RDK-408 L3/L4

We specialize in manufacturing replacements for MRI systems, achieving the highest quality through our team of expert engineers and rigorous quality control measures, ensuring exceptional standards in every product we deliver.


Our manufacturing process for the replacement of the original Sumitomo Coldhead RDK-408 L3 and RDK-408 L4 for MRI systems employs advanced and intricate technical methodologies, ensuring precision engineering to produce the finest-quality alternative available in the market.

UNIC Coldhead Serie


We also provide our proprietary Helium line and Adsorber F-70 replacements, ensuring comprehensive and self-sufficient solutions for our customers' MRI system needs.

UNIC MRI Accessories
MRI System

The UNIC RDK-408 L3 and L4 replacement Coldheads are specifically designed to be compatible with the Siemens MRI Magnetom line, offering a seamless and reliable alternative for enhanced performance and functionality.

It is also working on the Toshiba Vantage Titan and Atlas, as well as Hitachi Oasis and Echelon, ensuring versatile applicability across various imaging platforms.

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